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  Country:  England       Area/City/Town:  Hampshire       Location:  Basingstoke

Sundays   5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Brookvale Village Hall
Lower Brook Street
Hampshire RG21 7SD

Special Notes:
     Class is open Training as usual
     (With safer training schedule during pandemic)
     New members most welcome

     Graham Nickless
     1st Degree Black Belt, HND (Mech & Prod Eng)


Awarded Black Belt:



     07449 673036

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside




Instructor (Assistant):
     Chris Bruce
     1st Degree Black Belt, ACMI, ONC (Mech Eng)


Awarded Black Belt:



     07917 500531 (mobile)

    Re Covid: Class is now open adhering to Covid-safe schedule

Basingstoke Wu Shu Kwan
Safer Training Schedule for Reducing Risk of Covid-19 Infection

As agreed with training facilities provider:

  • All instructors and students must bring a face mask and a face shield to every class
  • Bring your own sanitiser and sanitise your hands at the entrance to Brookvale Hall
  • Floor to be cleaned prior to class starting
  • Class limited to 6 students
  • Booking system will be in operation. Please contact any of the following instructors to book your place each week:
    Chris Bruce 07917 500531
    Graham Nickless 07449 673036
  • Any booking cancellation should be notified to one the above two instructors as soon as possible, in order that his/her place can be offered to the next student in good time
  • You are encouraged to wear a face covering during class
  • Students will be positioned to achieve maximum social distance (possibly staggering columns)
  • Warm up – as standard
  • Stretching – some exercises will be modified for social distancing, no pairing up
    • Sit-ups – completed on your own
    • Back stretching – lay on your front, lift chest off the floor using arms, arch back pushing hips towards the floor
    • Sitting down chest to thighs – as normal but completed on your own reaching for toes
    • Stand up, sit down – feet twice shoulder distance, sitting in a squat, hold for 30 seconds, repeat twice
    • Leg stretch standing – splits with right leg in front and left leg behind, change with left leg in front. Go as low as possible
    • Leg straddle stretching sitting / standing – also completed on your own
  • Basics – as standard
  • Floor to be cleaned after basics
  • Forms – seen by instructor max two at a time
  • Fixed Sparring
    • Completed in pairs but observing social distance guidelines
    • Throws can be walked through – no contact
    • Knife and stick can be walked through – no contact
    • Mandatory face covering to be worn
  • Bag/pad work – equipment to be cleaned prior to use, hand sanitiser used before and after for those holding bag/pads, who must also use face covering
  • Sparring techniques – face covering mandatory
  • You must provide your own training equipment and should not share with others
  • After each training session, your uniform should be carefully washed to avoid cross contamination at the next class
  • You are required to sign at each training session a disclaimer confirming that you have not suffered any Covid-19 symptoms in the 10 days prior to that session

The above details are subject to change, with the objective of improving safety against and/or reducing risk of Covid-19 infection.


Chris Bruce
Master Instructor

Graham Nickless
Master Instructor

  Dated: 27/01/2022    


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