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Wu Shu Kwan Advancement and Revision Seminar
Sunday, 13th October 2019 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
by Invitation Only


This seminar will be conducted by Grand Master C. K. Chang (the founder of Wu Shu Kwan and holder of the prestigious 8th Degree Black Belt), and assisted by Senior Master Andy Hucklesby and Senior Master Instructress Trish Chang (Guinness World Record holder). At the same time, it will also be supported by Senior Master Peter Lewis (who has just returned from Trinidad after a stint of official WSK teaching and assessing duties there) and Senior Master Jeff Joseph to help with the anticipated large number of instructors and members attending.


The seminar is mainly for
  (a) All instructors and members (from 1st Grade onwards) to revise and consolidate what they have learned in the class, and to raise their present skill and knowledge to a higher level
  (b) Current senior instructors and official examiners/assessors for necessary advancement
  (c) New instructors to learn essential teaching skills
  (d) All Black Belt holders aspiring to achieve higher degree
  (e) 1st Graders (Brown Belt) sitting for Black Belt: their syllabus will be covered and their performance checked
  (f) All who want to maximise their knowledge and acquire deeper understanding of Wu Shu Kwan’s unique training so as to enable them to forge ahead with their own progress. The importance of understanding can be summed up by Albert Einstein’s famous saying: “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

You Are Advised to Enrol Early
Invitation emails went out a few days ago. Judging from the response, availability for places will be in great demand, so please confirm with payment no later than Wednesday, 9th October 2019.

What to Bring with You
For all those attending the Advancement and Revision Seminar, please bring with you your WSK uniform, training knife, staff/stick, focus pads, kicking pads, bag gloves and sand bag. Please also bring a packed lunch and refreshments.

Historical Background
The practical and advanced techniques covered in this seminar are the crystallisation of Grand Master’s teachers, namely, his father Kapitan Chang, Commander (Cdr) Shu (pronounced shü) Wan-Chen, Reverend (Rev) Yung Ker (a Taoist priest) and Reverend (Rev) Surathin (a Buddhist monk).

Powerful and Solid Foundation of Wu Shu Kwan
The following famous old masters and legendary martial art figures had all instructed Grand Master C. K. Chang and therefore directly or indirectly shaped the system of Wu Shu Kwan:

Father & mother of Grand Master

Kapitan (a title, meaning chief or captain) Chang Chee-Chai
He was the father of Grand Master C. K. Chang and hailed from a fighting province in China. In the early nineteen hundreds, he became the headman of a region in the East and was conferred the title Kapitan and his wife Lady Kapitan (Grand Master’s mother) by the government.
In those early turbulent years, the people were under constant danger from lawless bandits and marauders who, armed with swords and spears, would mercilessly kill for food, money and women. There was a real need for effective self-defence to survive. The Kapitan was well qualified to train his family and the local community to look after themselves.

Grand Master C. K. Chang being born into such a trying environment benefited undoubtedly from his father’s teaching of real techniques of self-defence and survival.

Reverend Yung Ker (meaning forever possible)
The Reverend was a Taoist priest from a shrine half way up the hill near where Grand Master used to live when he was still a child. Grand Master’s mother, who was a very staunch Buddhist as well as a traditional Taoist (by tradition, most Chinese practised, and still practise, some sort of Taoism and Confucianism as a way of life), was a regular visitor to this shrine taking the young Grand Master with her.

Rev Yung Ker was a formidable martial artist – he had to be to survive living in such a remote and brutal place.

Being a Taoist monk, he led an extremely frugal and natural life, and he shunned photos being taken of him; hence the portrait drawing of him instead of a photograph.

Commander Shu (pronounced shü) Wan-Chen
Cdr Shu was a graduate of Chung Yang Kuo Shu Kwan (Central Martial Art Academy of the Chinese Government) in China, which was perhaps the most prestigious martial art centre ever. With the collaboration of the top exponents of all martial arts, traditional Western doctors, physiological researchers, sports coaches, education specialists, etc., it assimilated and crystallised all the practical martial arts in the whole of China after discarding the flowery and superfluous movements. The result was a set of practical and all-round forms as preserved in the Wu Shu Kwan training system.

As a young patriot in China, Cdr Shu was one of the specially selected elite members to mount a commando attack on the well-guarded Manchurian puppet governor at a railway station in 1911. When surrounded by the overwhelming guards, seventy-two of his comrades were killed but he escaped against all the odds using a martial art sword – guns were not available to them when mounting this attack.

Commander Shu Wan-Chen (left) & Grand Master.

He was later awarded the highest military bravery gold medal by the Chinese government; only a handful of people had ever been shown the medal, and Grand Master was one of them.

Cdr Shu later awarded Grand Master a 10th Degree Black Belt. However, Grand Master would only accept an 8th Degree, because, in tradition and as an act of respect, the receiver of an award or the disciple should not be anywhere near the rank of, let alone be as high as, the teacher who made the award while he was still living.

Reverend Surathin
He was a very powerful fighter before becoming a Buddhist monk. The reason he became a monk was because the professional match between him and his brother ended in the latter’s tragic death. The Reverend was one of the most powerful fighting machines of his time.

Grand Master disarming a soldier armed with a bayonet. Practical martial arts, such as Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Boxing, originated in the main from military art.

Andy Hucklesby, a Senior Master, who for many years instructed at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, kicking 6 building blocks placed upright on a support.
The legs are much longer and stronger than the arms, and with systematic training they can be developed into unassailable and overpowering weapons for self-defence.

Trish Chang, a Senior Master Instructress and a Guinness World Record holder, defending herself against an attacker with a devastating Wu Shu Kwan throwing technique.

Trish Chang slicing a building block suspended in the air. Perfect technique, great speed and tremendous power are essential to succeed at such breaking.

Trish Chang (right) and Andy Hucklesby demonstrating techniques of martial art weapons: three-section staff v stick.

Commander Shu Wan-Chen executing a high block with his leg at the age of almost 80 years. Remarkable!

Seminar Syllabus
This seminar is based on the original teaching of the correct, authentic and effective Wu Shu Kwan discipline. The schedule will be very intense and concentrated, starting promptly and running to a tight schedule. The following syllabus has been planned:

• Teaching and correction of the Warm-Up exercises
• Correct performance and applications of the following Forms
  – Luo-Harn Ch’ao
  – Ch’arng Ch’uen 2, 4 and 6
  – Tsu P’ing Ch’uen
  – Tuan Tsarn
  – Stick Form
• Correct performance and avoiding common mistakes in Fixed-Sparring
  – 3-Step
  – 3-Step (Leg)
  – 2-Step
  – 1-Step
  – Self-Defence
  – Leg Technique
  – Throwing & Sitting
  – Stick Self-Defence
  – Knife Technique
  – Advanced 3-Step
  – Chair Techniques
• Practical Women’s Self-Defence with planned routine
• Building Solid Foundation in Free-Fighting through to Effective and Winning Techniques
  – Secrets of Power and Speed explained
• Ultimate Breaking Techniques
  – Punching Tiles
  – Chopping Bricks
  – Kicking Wood
• How to Judge and Assess Martial Art Performance
  – Accuracy
  – Power
  – Speed
• Explanation of Nomenclature (description of movements) in Wu Shu Kwan Movements

Have a Bright and Happy Future
Wu Shu Kwan’s unique training system improves one’s physical and mental well-being, and will lead you to have a happier and more contented outlook in life. “Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.” Taking everything into consideration, health, happiness and success favour those who are prepared through dedicated training. Happily, “your future is in good hands – your own”!

Jeff Joseph, a Senior Master, splitting a flying apple with a sword: the two halves can still be clearly seen in the air, a fraction of a second after the splitting. A breathtaking action!

Peter Lewis, a Senior Master, breaking roofing tiles placed on someone’s head with an outward-curve kick, which requires extreme accuracy, power and agility.

Des Radcliffe, a Senior Master, breaking 4 building blocks with his head!
Warning: Please don't try this at home.

    Dedicated Wu Shu Kwan Disciples from Faraway Countries:
   Australia & Barbados

Far & Wide
Wu Shu Kwan has training centres and members all over the world. Many Black Belt holders abroad travel to London to train with Grand Master C K Chang regularly to gain more knowledge and achieve higher technical skill, because the depth & quality of training just cannot be found anywhere else.

Recent Visitors
Amongst the recent visitors were Bernie Sharland from Australia and Richard Blackman from Barbados (West Indies); both are holders of Wu Shu Kwan 5th Degree Black Belt. Bernie’s visit was just a few days earlier than Richard’s.

Bernie (left): After a training session with Grand Master in Fulham, London in August 2018.

(Text about Bernie in red)
Bernie Sharland from Australia
He started training in Wu Shu Kwan in 1974 in Liphook, Hampshire with Senior Master K S Tham. In 1976, Bernie moved to Surrey then he joined Senior Master Eddie Cheah for training in Guildford. Every Sunday morning Bernie and his friends would travel there for some great training with Eddie, who took him and his friends through the grades up to First Grade (Brown Belt). His friends fell away because of the usual distractions in their young life.

Bernie (left) (using a 3-section staff, his favourite weapon) expertly warding off a stick attack from Peter Lewis & simultaneously countering with a strike to Peter’s head. Bernie & Peter were training partners in the late 1970s.

New-found Training Partner Peter Lewis
Bernie found an excellent training partner in Peter Lewis and prepared seriously to take their Black Belt in 1979. However, Peter and Bernie decided to take their Black Belt grading in May 1980. Unfortunately Bernie sustained a broken floating rib in training, nevertheless he was determined to take the grading, so he pushed on. "Oh, what a day!" Bernie recalled; he added that he loved it although painful with his rib. Peter Lewis came top but Bernie unfortunately fell short and failed.

Determination & Training Five Times a Week
Bernie did not worry because he knew his close failure was due to an injury. So he set his sights on November 1980, which turned out to be his birthday. Bernie was training five times a week between Grand Master C K Chang & Senior Master Eddie Cheah's classes. He was so excellently prepared that he passed his Black Belt on his birthday with flying colours! A job well done. He then started teaching in his hometown of Haslemere, Surrey for a couple of years.

The Lure of Australia
Australia was next for a working holiday and then back to UK for his 2nd Degree in November 1984. In April 1985 he emigrated to Australia and the rest is history: going back and forth taking his 3rd, 4th & 5th Degree Black Belt, which he attained in August 1998.

Bernie’s students Adam Haque (left) & Christopher Cigulev proudly & happily showing off their coveted Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt certificate at their class in Perth, West Australia.

Bernie now lives in Perth, West Australia, and he has trained a number of Wu Shu Kwan students there to become Black Belt holders including Adam Haque and Christopher Cigulev.

Grand Master C K Chang & Senior Master K S Tham
They met in the East many years ago when Grand Master was giving a demonstration of unarmed combat skills in a jungle warfare school (camp), where Grand Master was teaching, to a privileged group of military officers including Senior Master Tham.

Good Friends
They became very good friends and they promised to meet up again. They met up in England, and Senior Master Tham helped Grand Master to make Wu Shu Kwan even stronger.

Grand Master’s Military Connection Continued
Because of his immense reputation and unarmed combat ability, Grand Master at that time had been invited to instruct at various military centres including Chelsea Barracks, Woolwich, Aldershot, Bordon, etc. Grand Master’s action photo on this page with a military officer was taken at one of these centres.

Senior Master K S Tham
He was a very friendly and an extremely good Wu Shu Kwan instructor. Many senior instructors had benefited from his teaching. Unfortunately, there weren’t many photos of Senior Master Tham available because of his military background. However, there was a rare glimpse of him appearing with Grand Master at one of the Black Belt grading exams many years ago and another as the attacker with a sword in an action photo with Grand Master. •

Richard (right): Before a training session with Grand Master in Willesden, London in August 2018.

(Text about Richard in blue)
Richard Blackman from Barbados, West Indies
Richard started Wu Shu Kwan training in 1973 and attained 1st Degree Black Belt in 1977. And, with many years’ hard training, he made tremendous progress & rose through the ranks – in 2006 he was awarded the 5th Degree Black Belt. He is now the Wu Shu Kwan chief instructor in Barbados, and runs regular classes there. Barbados is a breathtakingly beautiful island nation in the West Indies.

Richard smashing 4 pieces of wood placed on the floor with a powerful chop.

Superb Technique & Great Power
Like most of the Wu Shu Kwan 5th Degree Black Belt holders, Richard is a master of using a 3-section staff & has extremely powerful breaking techniques. You can see his action photos in this article.

Accomplished & Dedicated Disciple
Richard is one of the most senior and accomplished senior WSK instructors in the West Indies, and he loves to train with Grand Master as often as he can; he would even travel to London to attend the WSK Seminar!

A Pillar of Support
Wu Shu Kwan is very strong in the West Indies owing to the dedication of our WSK instructors in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. Richard, a Bajan or Barbadian, travels regularly to Trinidad to support the training and grading there. Whenever Grand Master travelled to Trinidad to conduct Black Belt and Higher Degree grading there, Richard is always at hand to help and would avail himself of training with Grand Master.

Appreciation by Trinidadians
Trinidad WSK is always grateful to Richard for taking the trouble to travel from Barbados to help. In appreciation of Richard’s support, a special banner welcoming the London WSK team together with Richard was always prominently displayed whenever Grand Master and his team were there.

Richard’s Plan of Action
Richard will be joining the London and Jamaican Teams again for the WSK Black Belt & Higher Degree grading to be held in Trinidad in August 2019. It is going to be a very busy one. •

Bernie (seated on chair right): Group photo taken at the end of a training session in Fulham recently.

Bernie is highly skilled in 3-section staff: he is captured (by using a high-speed camera) pulverising an apple with a 3-section staff while it is flying at great speed in the air.

Because of his immense reputation & real unarmed combat ability, Grand Master was invited to instruct at various military centres including Chelsea Barracks, Woolwich, Aldershot, Bordon, etc. This action photo with a military officer was taken at one of these centres.

Senior Master Tham (seated left on chair) with Grand Master conducting one of the Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt gradings in London in the mid-1970s.

Grand Master (right) using a tremendous flying side kick to thwart Senior Master Tham’s broadsword attack – a rare opportunity to have a look at Senior Master Tham's face. (Please see article for the face allusion.)
Grand Master’s jumping side kick technique is matchless & the envy of martial artists all over the world.

Richard, like most WSK 5th Degree Black Belt holders, is highly skilled in 3-section staff, which he is using here to smash an apple while it is travelling at great speed in the air.

(From left to right) Richard, Trish, Grand Master, Eddie & Andy at a recent Wu Shu Kwan Seminar, which Richard travelled specially from Barbados to attend!

Richard (front row 2nd from left) joined in for training when Grand Master was in Port of Spain, Trinidad conducting a training session to prepare Trinidadian & Jamaican candidates for the WSK Black Belt & Higher Degree grading.

Richard in front of the official Trinidad WSK banner welcoming him & the London Team.


My Wu Shu Kwan Training Holiday in Barbados
by Laura Delaney


Hi Trish,

I had a fantastic time training with Barbados Wu Shu Kwan under Richard Blackman. I trained with the club each Saturday, and Richard really helped me by revising all the forms and spent time helping me with my breaking and fighting. I really enjoyed training with him.

One evening the club treated me and my family to a delicious meal and we had a wonderful evening; it was great fun, and firm friendships were made. We were touched by the warm welcome, kindness and hospitality shown to us by everyone.

Before we left we took Ella, our three year old, along to meet everyone at the club and she showed Richard her blocks and stances! When we finally said our goodbyes she was so sad she cried!

We will definitely keep in touch and I look forward to training with Richard again in Barbados, or maybe meet up with him in the UK during his family's planned Wu Shu Kwan training holiday in 2015.

Love, Laura
March 2014


Laura Delaney

Richard Blackman (chief instructor of Barbados Wu Shu Kwan) with Ella, Laura's daughter.

Laura and her family after a training session.
Everybody is ready for action!

Dr Androula Alekou
Pioneering Wu Shu Kwan Training in CERN


She is a brilliant Black Belt holder, and has now created history by teaching Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Kickboxing to the scientists.

What is CERN?
CERN is the acronym in French for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research and situated across Franco-Swiss border near Geneva. It is often referred to as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. Its 27-km-circumference Large Hadron Collider is the World's largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

Androula with Grand Master C. K. Chang (left) and Trish Chang.

Dr Androula Alekou
Androula was born in Cyprus. She pursued her bachelor studies in Physics at the University of Cyprus and completed her doctorate studies in High Energy and Accelerator Physics at the well-known Imperial College London.
At the moment she is a physics researcher at CERN, where she also teaches Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Kickboxing.

A brick signed by her students presented to Androula for remembrance.


Favourite Hobbies & Pastimes
She likes martial art and sports; apart from being a Wu Shu Kwan instructor, in her spare time she enjoys horse riding, boxing and playing football. She also loves painting and playing the guitar.

How to Train with Androula?
Please go to her Wu Shu Kwan class details or visit her website at CERN to find out more.


Senior Master Gustave Salako (5th Degree Black Belt), the official WSK examiner representing the Grand Master.

First Official Wu Shu Kwan Grading
Senior Master Gustave Salako (5th Degree Black Belt), representing Grand Master C. K. Chang, will conduct the first official WSK grading there. Details of the grading are as follows:
Sunday, 30th March 2014
CERN Pump Hall
(Room 216)
Near Geneva

Senior Master Alex Sutter (2nd Degree Black Belt), special guest of honour.


Special Guest of Honour
Senior Master Alex Sutter (2nd Degree Black Belt), a long-standing Swiss WSK member will be the special guest of honour at the grading.

Androula has great support for her Wu Shu Kwan class in CERN by her students!

Aussies Bring Happy News
to All at Wu Shu Kwan


The news from Bernie Sharland is always great and exciting, and he has done a great job down under. Many Wu Shu Kwan members from the UK have visited him and his class from time to time, and always received a big and warm Australian welcome.


Remarkable Duo
Christopher Cigulev and Adam Haque are two of Bernie's recent Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt additions, and they represent the best in the world. Their achievement must be due to their Aussie lifestyle: they are just very good at learning and training very, very hard – and enjoying it! Wu Shu Kwan grows much stronger with their dedication.


Training with the Aussie
If you want to train with Bernie Sharland, you can look up his class details.

Bernie's students Adam Haque (left) and Christopher Cigulev proudly and happily showing off their coveted Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt certificate.


Bernie (front right) with his students after a training session.


Senior Master Tyrone Steve Tairu (Canada)
Visits the Grand Master

Tyrone moved to Vancouver, Canada thirteen years ago, and he still pays regular visits to the Grand Master whenever he is in London. He still has a lot of connections with London’s senior Wu Shu Kwan instructors.

About Tyrone
He holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Wu Shu Kwan, and taught for many years in London and Vancouver.
  Under his calm, peaceful and pleasant persona, he possesses great skill and power. He is a very popular and trustworthy instructor.
Wu Shu Kwan has always been a very important part of Tyrone’s life, and he values the life-long friends he has made in this organisation.
Tyrone (left) using a well-timed side kick against his twin brother Kenny's flying side kick. Both brothers are dedicated Wu Shu Kwan instructors and possess great skills.

Enjoying Wu Shu Kwan Training
At any available opportunity, Tyrone will always try to get to a Wu Shu Kwan class, training mainly with the Grand Master in Willesden and Senior Master Peter Johnson in East Dulwich.


Training in Willesden with the Grand Master
On Saturday, 18th January 2014, he attended the training session in Willesden and some Black Belts made a special trip to the class to catch up with him. They all had a very enjoyable time training together.


Valuable Advice
At the end of his last session in Willesden, Tyrone was invited to say a few words to the class and he emphasised the importance and benefits of loyalty to Wu Shu Kwan and fellow instructors. He was applauded by everyone, especially the senior Black Belts, for his appreciation of Wu Shu Kwan.


Safe and Pleasant Journey
Wu Shu Kwan would like to wish him a safe and pleasant journey home, and we look forward to his next trip.

Tyrone with Grand Master and all the Black Belts at Willesden WSK who trained with Tyrone on that day.
Tyrone is seen training in the class: he is third from the right in the front row.
A group photo for remembrance.

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