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How to Enrol

General Information

No one is allowed to train without applying for Wu Shu Kwan membership because (in Great Britain, for example) it includes insurance cover in case of personal injuries in training.

   Our injury-free record is excellent, but it is the general policy of any governing sports body to encourage all responsible martial art organisations to have their members covered by a recommended insurance policy.

   Applicants should apply for their Wu Shu Kwan membership on or before their first training session.

How to Apply for Membership

You can enrol with the instructor at any of our classes, or apply to the Wu Shu Kwan office.

   First of all, please obtain an official Wu Shu Kwan membership application form from any of our instructors or directly from the Wu Shu Kwan office by sending a self-addressed and stamped envelope (SAE). Then the completed form can be handed to any accredited Wu Shu Kwan instructor or posted to the Wu Shu Kwan office, together with the following 2 items:
     1. A passport size photograph of applicant.*
     2. Correct membership fee at £40.00 for a year
       – if paid by cheque, please make it payable
          to “Wu Shu Kwan.

   When ready, a membership card together with a receipt and other documents will be issued, and they can be collected by the member from the instructor. If they are to be returned by post, a self-addressed and stamped envelope (SAE) of A5 size has to be provided.


*  A photograph is necessary for identification purposes because many people have the same name, for instance, John Smith, David Williams, etc.

   If a photograph is not available at the time of application, it can be accepted later. But do make sure that your photograph is given to us with your name written clearly on the back to avoid confusion.


Membership Fee


United Kingdom
The Wu Shu Kwan membership fee is £40.00 a year, and the breakdown is as follows:
   Annual Membership Fee
        (Including Membership Card) .................. £31.00
   Martial Art Insurance ...................................... 9.00
        (Insurance cover & handling
           in case of personal injuries in training)  

   TOTAL ....................................................... £40.00


Rest of the World
Annual Membership Fee ................................ £10.00


Training Fee

United Kingdom

£9 per session (about 2 hours) – payable only when you train.
(Note: 10 per session from 1st May 2018.)

Rest of the World
Please enquire with respective instructor in that country.


Practical Tip

Since you have made up your mind to go to a Wu Shu Kwan class to train, the easiest and most convenient way to enrol is to see the instructor there. He or she will be able to help you to complete the paperwork and handle your application for you.

   Also, if you have any last-minute questions, the instructor will be happy to answer them.


Hard Copies of Essential Documents

If preferred, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope (SAE) of A5 size to Wu Shu Kwan for a free information pack consisting of:

   1. Membership enrolment form

   2. List of classes in your area (please state area
       required if different from your postal address)

   3. Membership and training fee details

   4. Literature on Wu Shu Kwan

Enrolment Enquiries

If you require more information, please contact:

   Wu Shu Kwan® (Chinese Boxing Centre)
   PO Box 766
   Wembley HA0 3ZP
   United Kingdom

Telephone (office hours) & Fax: +44 (0)20 8749 8537
Text Message (mobile): 07835 244398

– There’s always somebody there to assist you – •



Grand Master C. K. Chang (8th Degree Black Belt) showing a series of Wu Shu Kwan movements in a multi-image picture.

Trish Chang (7th Degree Black Belt), a Senior Master Instructress and a Guinness World Recorder holder, slicing a building block suspended in the air. Perfect technique, great speed and tremendous power are essential to succeed at such breaking.

Celia Sisman (5th Degree Black Belt), a Senior Master Instructress, kicking an apple off her younger brother Mark Robertshaw's head. Despite his sister's great expertise, Mark still has a worried look on his face.

Tony Rocastle (5th Degree Black Belt), a Senior Master, is one of the few experts in the world who can break three bricks with one mighty chop.
His chop is so powerful that it sends the broken bricks flying.

Celia Sisman (5th Degree Black Belt), a Senior Master Instructress, showing incredible flexibility achieved through Wu Shu Kwan's scientific training.

Patrick Maher (3rd Degree Black Belt), a Senior Master, breaking a stack of fifteen roofing tiles with his head. His martial art prowess is legendary.


Evelyn Ingleton (5th Degree Black Belt) (right), a Senior Master Instructress, sparring with her sister Vanessa Peralta.


Lee Johnson (USA) practising her self-defence technique with a training partner.


Dr Ronald Noel (5th Degree Black Belt) splitting an apple in the air that requires extreme speed and precision.

  He is the chief instructor of Trinidad & Tobago Wu Shu Kwan.



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